We are a not-for-profit Organisation teaching Beginners and Experienced Beekeepers about Beekeeping.

Our Courses

Each year, in April, we run a Taster Day in Cellan, for those who want to learn the basics about beekeeping and experience handling frames of bees.  

Following on from the Taster Day, we also run a Beginners’ Course in Cellan, which runs from April to June each year. Our Beginners learn more about bee husbandry, handling bees, swarm prevention.  Practical sessions at our teaching apiary complement the theory lessons.

April 4th 2020.  Click here for more details.

April 19th – 7th June 2020.Click here for details. 

Our teaching Apiary

From June to September our teaching Apiary is open to our Beginners and Members alike. 


The Beginners’ Course includes practical sessions at our teaching Apiary where our Beginners can learn to work through the hives.  There will also be an opportunity to purchase a starter colony of local bees (when available).  The Apiary sessions are a good opportunity to get experience of working with the bees, speak to other beekeepers and have a cup of tea and a piece of cake too.


For existing Members, our Apiary Managers are looking at Queen Rearing, mite control strategies, wax purification, colony propagation,swarm prevention and maximising honey production.  Equipment is available for hire at reasonable rates and BDI insurance is also available through the Association.

Winter meetings

Open to all Members

January Meeting : 14th January 2020.

Cellan Millenium Hall. 20.15 hrs.


Next meeting:11th February 2020

Cellan Millenium Hall 20.15 hrs.

Planting for Bees

March AGM: 10th March 2020

Cellan Millenium Hall 20.15 hrs.


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