On these pages we will be providing answers to some of the most common questions about honey bees and beekeeping. We will be expanding the list of questions over time, so please do keep checking back. You might also find what you need to know amongst our information guides or perhaps in our seasonal notes.

The best way to get involved with bees and beekeeping is through your local beekeepers' association. You can find out about bees, get to wear the suits and even handle some bees before you take the plunge, spend money on hives and equipment and set up your own colony. You can find out if beekeeping really is for you and what's really involved and you'll get invaluable support and advice from other members.

Honey bees normally swarm in the active season, which can be as early as from late April through to August. Although a swarm will usually settle on a bush or tree, they can settle on just about anything, including in the structure of houses and outbuildings. A swarm usually appears during the late morning or early afternoon on warm, dry and wind-free days.

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