On these pages we hope to provide you with help and support for those beekeeping problems and difficulties which we all come up against throughout the beekeeping year.

It is our intention that all of the Association's inexperienced new(ish) beekeepers are allocated a beekeeping mentor, someone who can share their experience with you and help you through the steep learning curve we have all experienced in the first few years.

We will normally allocate a mentor to you either during the Beginners Course or when you first join the Association. If you need help with this, please contact our Training Officer.

Our more experienced members, such as the Apiary Management Team and Training Officer will always be happy and willing to lend a hand and provide guidance.

If you suspect that your bees have disease then please contact your Seasonal Bee Inspector who will arrange to visit you and inspect your bees.

These Help pages will be expanded throughout the year.

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