A New Season Begins

Following our first full year in the association apiary, our initial three nucs which we purchased in the summer of 2011 have now expanded into five colonies. This is largely due to summer 2012 being a very "swarmy" year despite the best efforts of the apiary team! However, through careful management we managed to take action on the colonies which were determined to swarm and carried out artificial swarms in time before we lost the bees. As a bonus we managed to harvest a modest amount of honey as well.

So what does 2013 hold in store?

Well first and foremost we have to get all our colonies through the winter. Early indications are that they have all survived but we may still have a tricky couple of weeks yet before spring really arrives.

We hope to produce a number of nucleus colonies for purchase by our beginners and also commence a queen rearing programme, which we are sure will be of interest to all our members.

The Apiary Team:

Ron Lockham
Derek Anderson
Keith Chalk
Mike Davies

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