Joint Association Meeting with Teifiside BKA

The April meeting of Lampeter & District Beekeepers' Association will be held jointly with Teifiside Beekeepers' Association.

The external speaker will be Dr Michael Keith-Lucas of Reading University.

"The talk will be on Pollen in Forensic Science and covers the two main areas in which pollen evidence is used. The first is to determine the timing of events, using the succession of flowering of different species through the year and examples of this will be given. The interpretation of the evidence depends largely on wind-dispersed pollen which can also be retrieved from clothing, and the use of fungal spores will also be mentioned. The second is in placing a suspect at the scene of crime. The process of sampling pollen on clothing and in mud on shoes will be discussed. In my forensic work I have also been asked to investigate cases of theft of plants from the wild and of honey fraud, and I undertake investigations of honey, particularly if there is a problem with disagreeable flavour, for example. Finally I am going to look into the future for this type of work, and the integration of DNA technology and pollen in forensic studies."


Memorial Hall, Aberaeron

£2 for members. £4 for non-members.

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Event date 22 Apr 2017 3:45 pm
Event End Date 22 Apr 2017 5:45 pm
Individual Price £2.00
Memorial Hall, Aberaeron
South Road
Memorial Hall, Aberaeron
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