Swarm Help

Please check that the insects are in fact honeybees.  We cannot assist with wasps, bumblebees or hornets.




Think you have a swarm?

Before contacting us:

Step 1:

Confirm that you have a honey bee swarm and not other insects such as bumblebees or wasps. Swarms come in all shapes and sizes and this one was on a fence post.

Step 2:

If you are in the Lampeter area, please contact our Secretary on 07972 759746 or our Deputy Secretary on 07779 510960. 

They will organise for one of our swarm catchers in your area to come and deal with the swarm. Please be aware that not all swarms will be readily accessible and action can only be taken when a suitable on-site risk assessment has been carried out.  

Step 3:

If you are in the Aberystwyth Area please contact the Aberystwyth Beekeepers’ Association on 01970 832359.

If you are in the Cardigan area, please contact the Teifiside Beekeepers’ Association.  

For other areas of Wales, you will find details of beekeepers’ associations here. 

If you don’t think they are honeybees, click here for a more guidance from the BBA to help you identify the insects.

Alternatively, in an emergency, or for help in dealing with a wasp nest, you can contact your local authority’s Environmental Health department and ask for pest control.

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